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Webb Institute

298 Crescent Beach Road

Mission Statement:

To prepare graduates for prominent careers by:

-Providing a rigorous education in the principles of engineering and a broad-based knowledge of the fundamentals of naval architecture and marine engineering;
-Developing skills that will enable graduates to become leaders in and make significant contributions to their chosen profession and to the social environment in which it functions;
-Instilling in our graduates the highest ethical standards and sense of professionalism; Cultivating curiosity in the arts, sciences, and humanities, and providing the background and encouragement necessary to support life-long learning.

Vision Statement:

To be internationally recognized as a leading undergraduate educational institution in naval architecture and marine engineering and an asset to the nation by:

-Providing exceptional young men and women with a contemporary and comprehensive undergraduate education focused on naval architecture and marine engineering, thereby preparing them for prominent careers in the marine industry or other fields of endeavor.
-Providing valued technical expertise and educational opportunities to the marine industry.
-Perpetuating the legacy of William H. Webb