West Linn High School

West Linn High School
5464 West A Street


West Linn High School has developed the following guiding principles for our school community. These foundational beliefs drive our decisions and our goals for our school.

Everyone can and should lead. Character is as important as intelligence. We all owe service/action in and with our community.

  • We are all teachers and learners.
  • Our goal is academic excellence and
  •  scholarship from a disciplined mind.


West Linn High School is a place where all members of the community relentlessly focus on learning.

 This learning involves the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that help every student and every adult be productive members of the world!


• learning is a continuous, life-long experience.

• strong relationships create strong learning communities.

• integrity, courage and compassion must guide our actions.

• each individual is unique and these differences should be respected while honoring those characteristics which we share.

• every individual is capable of being a leader and we are committed to providing opportunities to lead.

• everyone has a responsibility to be actively involved in their community.

• that every voice needs to be heard and respected.

• our school should be a safe place to take risks and to stretch our capabilities.

• in ongoing reflection, research, discussion of teaching and learning strategies, and practices.

About Us:

West Linn High School is a place where all stakeholders, staff, students and parents are committed to excellence through development of academics, character, service and leadership.  West Linn High School will be a place where we can learn, grow and dream together.