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Westminster Presbyterian Church

533 South Walnut Street

Westminster Presbyterian Church believes that it is in the world for ministry. 

For more than 150 years, as a central city church, it has been a center of moral and religious strength. With positive convictions and broad sympathies it has met and solved many problems incident to its environment and, in many ways, has influenced the life of the city. 

As a new century beckons, we reaffirm our common purpose:

To join in the worshipful praise of God, 

To teach the children, to lead and inspire the young and to call everyone to life-long learning in the church, 

To be influential participants in society by being accountable to the Gospel, 

To show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ toward each other and toward those who are hurting, 

To be a caring community welcoming both friends and strangers, 

To own our Presbyterian heritage, reformed and always reforming, 

To be prayerfully open to the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. 

To accomplish this, the active and faithful cooperation of every member will be necessary.