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Westview Orchards And Winery

Westview Orchards And Winery
65075 Van Dyke


Farm Market Hours: Every day: 8am-6pm


Monday - Wednesday: Closed

Thursday - Friday: 5pm - 9pm

Saturday: 1pm - 10pm

Sunday: 1pm - 6pm


Summer (June-Aug): Every day: 9am-5pm

Fall (Sept-Oct): Every day: 10am-5pm


In 1813, Westview Orchards began as a small farm and orchard. It was established by Michael Bowerman shortly after his service in the War of 1812. Though Michael was awarded bounty land in an area of Detroit, now located on Joseph Campau Street, he found the land unsuitable for farming because of its swampy conditions and insect infestation. Looking for fertile rolling hills, Michael traveled north past five lakes and found land near Indian Village (later renamed Romeo). At the time, few people lived in this densely wooded area. Michael's neighbors were mostly Native Americans and wildlife. 

In the first few years, Michael cleared his land, trapped animals, and sold their pelts while establishing his small garden and orchard. He began raising cows, chickens, and pigs. Michael became well known in the area for one deadly encounter with a bear that began attacking one of his pigs. Michael grabbed a nearby ax and killed the bear with a few swift blows. This act of bravery earned him the nickname "Fearless Mike."