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Wethersfield School District

439 Willard Street


Welcome to Wethersfield School District!  We pride ourselves on functioning as a family of learners.  At Wethersfield, we have developed a strong direction for the future of our students by developing and practicing our core values everyday:

Wethersfield believes

-A successful education is the by-product of effective collaboration between staff, students and parents.

-Connecting real world experiences to our curriculum leads to a better understanding for students.

-Students deserve a safe, positive and nurturing educational and social environment in order for the students to learn and grow.

-We must use multiple teaching methods, strategies and technology in order to reach all students.

-Students and staff must be held to high expectations in order to provide a quality educational experience in preparing our students for the 21st century.

-Our students and our staff must be life-long learners.

we must prepare our students to be respectful, responsible, and responsive citizens.

-In the importance of recognizing and developing students’ talents and interests in all facets of the school community.

-The attitudes our staff members bring to school and the classroom on a daily basis has a direct correlation on the success and attitudes of our students.

-Students have to know our staff members and school community cares if we want our students to care.

-Standardized tests provide data for our district to consider, but standardized test data is a very small part of the overall measure of a child’s learning.