William B. Morgan Elementary School

60 Regina Avenue

William B. Morgan Elementary School provide a quality educational program that addresses the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth of our students. Parents and staff work cooperatively to coordinate enrichment and cultural experience in the humanities, the arts, and the sciences. Our goal is to deliver curriculum that meets the diverse needs of students.

Student accomplishments are recognized on an ongoing basis. The guidance department coordinates a Student of the Month Program. Also, children are encouraged to display their academic and cultural talents through various forms. Student work is constantly on display.

We encourage communication between home and school. Together we can answer questions, address concerns and utilize input. This teamwork supports our mission statement, "Quality Education for Each Student".

The William B. Morgan Elementary School is a one-story building located on 10.2 acres. It was built in 1957. An addition was constructed in 1987.

The William B. Morgan Elementary School opened its doors for the first time to serve the community on Thursday, September 3, 1958.

Morgan School was named after William B. Morgan, a former Hamilton Township School Board member.