Wingate University

220 N. Camden St.

The mission of Wingate University is to develop educated, ethical, and productive citizens at home and abroad. Following its Judeo-Christian heritage, the University seeks to cultivate the following in its students: Knowledge, Faith, and Service.

To promote knowledge, the University seeks to:

- Provide programs of undergraduate, graduate, and professional study
- Provide a faculty committed to teaching and learning
- Require a core curriculum designed to develop:
- aesthetic, cultural, and literary appreciation
- analytical and problem-solving abilities
- critical thinking
- effective communication
- integrated perspectives on civilization, the individual, and the social group
- physical wellness
- Offer majors appropriate to the University's student population and resources that further develop students' knowledge and skills in focused areas
- Create opportunities for international study and travel
- Provide opportunities to explore and develop academic, career, and personal goals
- Encourage participation in co-curricular an extra-curricular educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities

To nurture faith, the University seeks to:

- Sustain a community where the bases of faith are explored and where there is a search for truth and meaning
- Articulate the ideal of integrity in all relationships
- Encourage ethical application of knowledge informed by Judeo-Christian principles
- Create and support opportunities for worship and faith development
- Attract scholars for whom Judeo-Christian values and practice are important aspects of living

To encourage service, the University seeks to:

- Emphasize the importance of service to God and humanity
- Facilitate opportunities to volunteer time, knowledge, and labor beyond the campus community
- Sponsor organizations that coordinate service opportunities and foster leadership and teamwork