Wingdale Elementary School

6413 Route 55

The Wingdale Elementary School serves youngsters in kindergarten (full day), grades one and two. The school environment reflects both a “child-centered” and “parent-centered” approach to learning.
Basic programs for all children include reading, mathematics, language, spelling, writing skills, handwriting, science, social studies and character education. In addition, children study art, music, library skills, physical education and computer literacy. Technology is incorporated into the instructional program to benefit all students. There are computers in many classrooms, a computer lab, and a computer center in the library. Cultural appreciation and respect are developed through a host of activities integrated into the core curriculum.

Parents, faculty, staff and administrators actively participate in decision making and in the development of programs.

Wingdale Elementary School is committed to providing challenging and nurturing educational experiences that ensure success in academic, social and problem solving skills, while promoting the joy and importance of learning. With high expectations and standards for all students, we strive to create an environment where learning is an active, continuous and dynamic process. We welcome informed and involved parents. Wingdale is a wonderful environment in which to learn.