Women's Voices Theater Festival

More than 50 of the Washington, D.C. region's professional theaters are joining together to produce, in the fall of 2015, the Women's Voices Theater Festival. The companies will each present a world premiere production of a work by one or more female playwrights, highlighting both the scope of plays being written by women, and the range of professional theater being produced in and around the nation's capital. The Women's Voices Theater Festival will be the largest collaboration of theater companies working simultaneously to produce original works by female writers in history.

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Women's Voices Theater Festival 2015

ScheduleAugust 12 - September 6, 2015Bones In Whispers at Longacre Lea By Kathleen Akerley2016 A.D. 99% of the human population is gone, wiped out in a mysterious Death Week. The remaining 1% cling to their theories of survival. Two clans collide in …

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