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Woods Of Terror on Church Street

Woods Of Terror on Church Street
5601 North Church Street

In 1941 during the Great Depression, many people perished from the tolls of hard times. Poverty, hunger, and anger at the world fueled emotions. Those who perished during these times were often not given a proper burial due to the lack of money. As were their bodies not laid to rest, neither were their spirits. These spirits haunted their old homes, places of employment, and city streets with an endless amount of anger. Many cities dealt with this in different ways, some just suffering through the day to day agony of things stolen by spirits, not sleeping during the night because of the insistent pacing of hallways and stairs, and the fear of how far the spirits would go to remove the living from the homes they used to own. The city of Greensboro would have had to suffer through these day to day agonies if it weren’t for a local priest. This local priest exercised and bound these spirits to a plot of land twelve miles from the city limits. This local priest, not knowing where to keep these spirits to where they could not harm anyone, bound them to a plot of land that he himself owned, on the outskirts of town. This priest was Eddie Howie McMillan , the great grandfather to Eddie Howie McLaurin.

In 1970, Father McMillan passed away and deeded this land to his great great grandson Eddie H. McLaurin, who was only four months in his mother’s womb. As you would guess for twenty years, these spirits stayed bound to this patch of land. Over his childhood and early adult years, Eddie learned what his grandfather had done, and what exactly inhabited the woods. As time passed, Eddie learned the true power of the spirits and how important it was to keep them imprisoned here. Eddie also learned how to handle and control these spirits through the Holy Spirit, which came upon him after accepting Christ as his Savior at the age of thirteen. He could not control these spirits alone, only through Jesus who controls all things. Not only did he learn to handle and control the existing spirits, he also learned how to capture other spirits that are not among the living and not among the dead, and release them into the same plot of land that his grandfather before him did. This plot of land is known as Purgatory to the spirits, and to humans, it is Woods of Terror.

I wasn’t long and Eddie knew that this land was useless and the taxes on the land were outrageously expensive. The thought came into mind to use the land as a salvage yard where people could dump the old junk they didn’t need anymore, and while Eddie charged for the dumping, he could cover the cost of the taxes on the land. A lot of different people brought a lot of different stuff out to the Woods of Terror that was useless to them and that they couldn’t use anymore. As the years went on, the spirits of Woods of Terror began to move, rearrange, and construct this junk into scenes that made them feel at home, and naturally, makes you feel uncomfortable…

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