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YMCA Camp Linwood MacDonald

1 Flatbrook Rd

YMCA Camp Linwood MacDonald provides experiences that nurture the skills and knowledge necessary to improve quality of life. Our programs center on recreational and educational activities that help develop a clearer understanding of social skills through a group living situation, while reconnecting with nature. We present opportunities to develop positive personal relationships based upon the YMCA's national character development program. We teach caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in everything we do to promote a better world full of these qualities. Our objectives are:

  • To provide opportunities for individual and community growth.
  • To provide opportunities for youth and family development.
  • To contribute to the overall enhancement of life in our community through programs which include health, environmental education, recreation and social direction.
  • To cultivate healthy lifestyles through recreational and educational outdoor activities, encouraging environmentally friendly behaviors.
  • Offer family- friendly programming that leads to opportunity for family unity.
  • To strengthen group dynamics through a community group living arrangement not only within each individual group but also in sharing the facilities with other groups.