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Zarpentine Farms

Zarpentine Farms
163 Burritt Road

About Us:

Zarpentine's has been a family owned and operated working farm since the mid 1800's and most likely before that time. The current owners Ron and Pat Zarpentine, along with their children Rob Zarpentine and Kim Francis continue the rich heritage.  The farm was used for raising cash crops such as wheat, corn, oats as well as a small dairy when Ron's great grandparents on his mother's side ( Taber ) owned it. The farm was then handed down to Bert and Alta Taber, Ron's grandparents who continued in the same tradition.

When Ron's mom (Edith Taber Zarpentine) and dad (Alonzo Zarpentine) purchased the farm there were also some older standard fruit trees on the property. The apples harvested from these trees were shipped to the processing plant, Duffy & Motts to be made into apple sauce and juice. Today you will still be enjoying some of Zarpentine Farms apples in the products made by Motts.