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Thank you for choosing our PRACTICE! We are proud to provide our patients with the ultimate in gentle, affordable, ultraconservative and minimally invasive dental care, provIded by highly qualified and skilled professionals who truly care about your oral, dental, and overall health and success in life, as much as they do their own. Everyone knows that a good first impression is a CRITICALLY important step in any relationship, be it personal, career, business or professional. We are thrilled that today we can offer just about everyone oustanding options for total and confidence comfort in eating, smiling, LAUGHING and helping you have your smile say ANYTHING AND everything you want about yourself to the world, in literally just one instant! Welcome to Dental Care of Boca Raton where you can get that beautiful and healthy smile that you've always dreamed of, now faster, easier and more affordably, than you've ever thought possible. Allow us the opportunity to help you allow everyone you meet to immediately know what a beacon of light and success you are in the world due to your confident, happy, attractive and magnetic smile! The combination of the most advanced and reliable dental technologies, experienced, caring professionals, and completely unique, individualized and personalized care , tailored just for you, is what sets us apart . Come visit us today our office most conveniently located at the corner of Glades road and State road 441 for a free consultation regarding how we can help you. We have ultra convenient appointments 7 days a week, so we are always here and available when you may need us, and our convenient appointments before and after work and school and on weekends, will ensure that you will not have to miss these important activities in your life for your routine dental services. Call us right now by clicking the button above, or Request an appointment online right now with just a few clicks. We make the world better every day by creating E