Canobie Lake Park Screeemfest

Canobie Lake Park Screeemfest

Friday, Oct 7, 2022 from 5:00pm to 11:00pm


6 weekends of Haunted Houses, Rides, Games, Shows and Attractions!

Canobie Lake Park is the BEST place for fall fun!

Looking for the most fall fun for your buck? For six weekends, Canobie Lake Park SCREEEMFEST delivers family fun by day and a healthy dose of fear by night. You get TONS of rides, haunted houses, kid-friendly fun, live shows, roving monsters and much, much more. All in ONE place, all for one low admission price! NO COSTUMES OR MAKEUP PERMITTED - leave the scaring to us!

Haunted Houses

5 TERRIFYING Haunted Houses! Get Ready to SCREEEM!

- Pinecrest Sanitarium

- The Breach

New For 2022!
Something went wrong during this rescue mission… details coming soon.

- Facility 235

The Facility Had A Devastating Meltdown. So Did Its Workers.

You could hear the sirens and alarms for miles. You could also hear the blood-curdling screams from those inside Facility 235. The staff tried to cool the reactor core, but nothing they did could stem the devastation. Then it was too late. Too late to save the facility, too late to save themselves.

So here they remain, not quite dead, certainly not alive, patrolling the grounds, resuming their former tasks. Radiation can exert strange mutating effects on the human body, not to mention what would be left of the mind. Ready for the tour?

- The Culling

Who Are They? Where Did They Come From? Why Are They Here?

Mysterious, unexplained disappearances had been going on for decades, maybe longer. A select few townspeople simply vanished, as if they never even existed, and those remaining lived with a foreboding and in constant fear.

A town elder, left behind for some obscure reason, called it “thinning the herd.” A haunting wind, the brief screams of the unlucky chosen ones, the panic of those left behind. No one knew when The Culling would occur. You have to ask: Am I next?

- Carnivus

The Carnival came to town… and never left.

Neither did anyone who ever visited this sinister circus. There was something “off” about Carnivus from the day they set up in the far reaches of a desolate field. The manager was a clown, as were all the employees – in the very literal sense, with garish makeup that seemed to be permanent. The incessant carnie music was haunting, the freak shows all too real, the evil laughter echoing into the night. And visitors to Carnivus?

The clowns thought they were delicious. Step right up, folks. It’s showtime!

Just for Kids!

Sundays are Family Fun Days!!

Enjoy your favorite rides, family-friendly attractions and live entertainment!

Join the fun!

Sunday Park Hours: 1pm – 9pm (except Sunday, October 9, 2022)

1:45pm – Critters Live! The Halloween Party on the Midway Stage
Join the Canobie Costumed Characters on the Midway Stage for their show, Critters Live! The Halloween Party! Help our Critters solve problems and learn some spooky dance moves! A Meet & Greet with the Canobie Critters will follow shortly after the show.

2:30 – 3:30 – Intermittent Canobie Critter Meet and Greets and Fun Squad Appearances at the Giant Pumpkin across from the Yankee Cannonball
Join us at the Giant Pumpkin across from the Yankee Cannonball for intermittent Canobie Critter Meet & Greets!

4:00pm – 4:45pm – Lights on Tour
Visit one of our Haunted Houses to walk through with the lights on!

Even though our indoor Haunted Houses open at 5:00pm, don’t worry, our haunted walk-around characters don’t come out until 6:00pm! They typically stay close to the two main Haunted House areas, they do not enter Kiddie Land at any time.

If your little ones are feeling brave, check out our Monster Parade that begins at 5:45pm on Saturdays and Sundays only. Our Monster Parade Route starts at the Psychodrome and passes by the following locations: Boat House Casino, Dancehall Theater, Welcome Center, Turkish Twist, the Game Room, Pirate Ship, and the Giant Sky Wheel. It ends at the Main Gate for our Opening Ceremony. Please be advised that our haunted walk-around characters to jump out during the Opening Ceremony.

You and your younger ones can have fun on the many family and kiddie rides – including our Kiddieland area.

Check out our KIDS RIDE list. (Rides operate at the discretion of Park management and may close in the event of inclement weather. Ride list subject to change.)

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