Saturday, May 25, 2024 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm


White Moms, Black and Bi Racial Children

The persistent messages of racism  cannot be overshadowed or removed by even the most loving and devoted families

   Racism permeates the hearts and souls of all people of color, and deeply touches the senses of those seeking justice and equality and who want a world where the color of one's skin is not a measure of one's character or an obstacle to the human and societal rights to feel the fullness of one’s self-worth.

People of color continue to fight to emerge from beneath the suffocating waters of White superiority that have long pounded against the walls of American thinking, which results in internalized racism and resentment toward individuals and systems that consciously and subconsciously create racial oppression.

This workshop is designed to help White parents of Black and Bi-racial children sort through and hopefully close the racial gaps that can occur from the social, and emotional complications and pain that are common within Black and White blended families.

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