Darkside Haunted House Attraction

Saturday, Oct 1, 2022 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm


Pure Terror Haunted Attractions

10 Haunted Houses:

The Crypt

Haunt 1: As you travel deeper and deeper into the skeleton riddled crypt, you will come face to face with blood thirsty vampires that will be coming at you from places you sometimes wont be able to even see with your own two eyes. Be sure to stay alert or else these vampires will make you their next victim.

Resurrection Cemetery

Haunt 2: This haunted cemetery was built around an infamous waterfall which is said to leave you cursed if you walk underneath it after the sun sets. Overgrown weeds, grass and vines have taken over the tombs and the undead remain trapped in the cemetery. Don’t take your eyes of the coffins, you have been warned.

Woods Of The Dead

Haunt 3: As you make your way through the woods, you will discover caves and old cabins that were once filled with life. Along the desolate path you will be watched by creatures who lurk in the dark waiting to make you their next victim in the trees.

Bedlam State Asylum (New For 2022)

Haunt 4: The Bedlam State Asylum was built to house the criminally insane on Pure Terror property in 1942. This now abandoned and eerie mental hospital was known for its experimental treatments on patients. Many visitors have reported hearing unusual noises such as doors randomly slamming shut as well as feeling a shaking sensation coming from the floors below. Patients and nurses who never made it out continue to lurk the halls of the Bedlam State Asylum. Will you be the next patient to never make it out?

Psycho Circus

Haunt 5: Are you ready to visit the Psycho Circus? These killer clowns are patently awaiting your arrival as you make your way through spinning tunnels and long vibrant hallways. This circus experience will leave you feeling disoriented and frightened. These clowns love to clown around!

Terror In The Dark

Haunt 6: All 5 of your sense will be put to the test in this completely blacked out attraction. As you try to feel your way around the dark halls, you will come scary close to many different terrifying monsters who are waiting to make their presence known in the pitch-black. They will see you before you see them.


Haunt 7: The church bells ring faintly throughout the night at this hundred year old cathedral. The once pure nuns and priests have turned evil from the spirts that continue to haunt this old cathedral site. You will be turned into a sinner by these twisted nuns before your visit ends.

Camp Killmore

Haunt 8: These once active camp grounds were filled with excited camp goers who fell victim to a crazed killer who leaves his lifeless victims tucked away in there bunk beds. As you venture inside the camp grounds you will come across an abandoned camp bus, a cabin and boat house where the killer still roams. He goes by the name JASON!

Nightmare Factory

Haunt 9: Your worst nightmares are about to come to life in this old boiler factory. It is believed that a deranged serial killer imprisons his victims in tanks and then burns them alive inside the boilers in this old factory. Locals say that he goes by the name FREDDY!

Legends Of Horror

Haunt 10: All of your favorite horror legends are awaiting your arrival in this one of a kind attraction. This attraction is home to a demonic girl that goes by the name of Regan, a ghost like killer who loves to ring the telephone of his future victims, another crazed killer that loves Halloween and one of the most legendary Texas killers.

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