Dreadlands Haunt Of Davison Attraction

Dreadlands Haunt Of Davison Attraction

Friday, Oct 26, 2018


The Multi Level Research Labs will leave your bones quivering before you take a thrilling Hi-Speed Tandem Cable Ride to a mysterious Labyrinth with changing walls and secret doors. If you manage to escape, you’ll then check your aim against a Horde of free-roaming Zombies in the Arena but, be careful. some of the Zombies may fight back.


The Laboratories are meant to play on your senses and will bring some moments typically far too intense for toddlers or young children that are anything but absolutely fearless. Anticipation of the unexpected will typically get the best of anyone that dares to enter the realm of the macabre not so abandoned laboratories.

The Tandem Zip Line ride is included with the Labyrinth ticket and will literally take you from the tickets area down to the entrance to the maze itself. 'There is a walk-around path for those wishing to skip the zip-line' While our zip line has no specific age limitation, babies and small toddlers will be excluded from taking the run. Typically, if the child is able to walk through the maze, they are able to take the Zip Line and will enjoy the ride with a parent or older sibling. 'up to 2 persons may ride together, not to exceed a combined weight of 380 lbs'

The Labyrinth is a Maze of epic proportions and secret passages. Constructed in a space of nearly 5000 square feet, this unique experience will keep you guessing as to how to escape the maze. The Labyrinth will mesmerize and confuse even those with a great sense of direction. 'Those under 12 and, anyone that panics when they become completely lost, should have someone to accompany them through this  Labyrinth'

The Zombie Paintball Arena is designed for persons 14 and older, 'those under 16 must have an adult with them'.  You carry a paintball weapon and are free-roaming in the arena along with the zombies. While the Zombies do not have paintball weapons, they still may be inclined to ‘retaliate’ giving you a reason to remain somewhat ‘defensive’ in your pursuit to save any victims of their wrath.  'All equipment and paintballs are provided. You may Not use your own equipment.'

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