Exhibition - 'Timing is Everything'

Exhibition - 'Timing is Everything'

Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017 at 10:00am


"Timing is Everything" in New Gallery Show From Cincinnati Couple
Eisele Gallery of Fine Art to Host MaryBeth Karaus and David Mueller in Joint Exhibit

MaryBeth Karaus and David Mueller celebrate their shared love for painting in a new gallery show called "Timing is Everything," taking place in Cincinnati from Sept. 8-Oct. 7 at Eisele Gallery of Fine Art. This unique two-person exhibit will showcase work rendered with a mix of refinement and spontaneous brushwork that utilizes a contemporary design aspect.

Karaus is a graduate of the DAAP program of the University of Cincinnati, but her artistic training began years before any formal study. As the daughter of a passionate artist, she was raised with an intrinsic appreciation and understanding of art. After concentrating for some time in watercolors, she found her passion in oil paint, a medium that will be on display in "Timing is Everything."

Mueller, a graduate of The American Academy of Art in Chicago, has completed a number of commissioned works for private collectors and has created large bodies of work for one-man shows in
New York and the Midwest as well as participating in group shows from coast to coast and in London.

In 2012 Karaus took an intensive study of classical drawing and painting with David Mueller, a fellow Cincinnati artist. The relationship soon grew into something more as both benefited from a mutual understanding of the passions that drive an artist and, most importantly, perfect timing.

"As a couple we are part of the lucky few that get to speak the same professional creative language and feel the same dynamics of effort, emotional investment and rewards in what we do," said Mueller.

Timing truly is everything in the pair's latest show, which touches on the trials and joys that make up the canvas of a lifetime. Works draw on the emotions of Mueller's recent health crisis, the loss of Karaus' parents, and the unexpected happiness that comes with finding a partner to share it all with.

"David and I are both motivated by capturing and sharing the simple beauty around us," said Karaus. "A painting can be an oasis of peace and give nourishment to the soul in an otherwise tumultuous and chaotic world."

Date: Septempber 8 - October 7, 2017

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