Fear Farm Haunted Attraction

Fear Farm Haunted Attraction

Saturday, Sep 21, 2019 from 7:30pm to 11:00pm


Bunker the Arrival:
The phoenix lights are they a mere legend, a hoax perhaps, Thousands of Phoenix Valley residents witnessed the strange unidentified lights that fateful night in 1997. Thousands more fear the mystery of not knowing who or what they may have been. Now 22 years later the mystery is beginning to unravel in a top secret Government operated bunker facility. One of the unidentified lights that night went dark, fell to Earth and crashed into a cave system, lodging itself deep into the earth where its laid dormant all these years. Now scientists have awoken what lie in wait inside the mysterious vessel. The creatures from within unleashed a hellish winter within the cave systems transforming the barren desert cave into an icy wasteland. Can you find your way through the overrun bunker, traverse the extreme cold temperatures of the caves, to discover for yourself exactly what came to visit us that night in 1997.

Slaughter House:
Rumors swirl around one family living in what was once Phoenix, Arizona, with locals claiming that they have made a deal with a madman, who some call the devil himself. In exchange for sparing their lives, the Slidell family has agreed to herd and slaughter fellow humans to supply this nameless soul reaper with the flesh he craves. Word has it that the screams and gurgling heard amidst the roars of chainsaws at Slidell Family Slaughterhouse are from human livestock. Sitting atop a mass grave of badly decomposing “leftovers,” an unanticipated side effect has made matters worse, the Slaughterhouse has become a feeding ground each night as the local undead are drawn to the thick stench of rotting flesh.

Pumpkin Witch:
Another Harvest Moon is upon us and the veil thins between our world and the creature that haunt us. Every year, those seeking the guidance from The Witches emerge, paying them with offerings and sacrifices of innocent souls. The coven has summoned Eriekah the Gourde Witch to bring them a bountiful harvest of souls. Can you escape her rooted clutches or will you become a soul trapped forever.

Fall Out:
Enter into the post-apocalyptic, war-torn settlement of few survivors. Those who remain here have turned on one another to fight for what little remaining resources are left. Radiation has poisoned the minds of some and mutated others to the point of madness and deformity. Attempt to make your way through the place where the last of humanity calls home and where the deranged prey on the weak.

The Plague:
Doctor Josef Rudin came to the town of Cactus Falls in pursuit of practicing medicine in the great West, bringing with him new techniques and medicine never before seen by the common man. The town’s residents immediately start ranting and raving about his work and claimed he even cured some of the terminally ill. That was until all of the children in the town became ill and perished of an unknown illness. Blaming the doctor and his techniques, the townsfolk hunted him down and drug him through the streets only to tie him to a scarecrow post in a field to be burned alive. As the flames engulfed him, he vowed to take revenge on all those who step foot in Cactus Falls and to forever curse them with The Plague.

Haunted Corn Maze - The Reaping:
Can you survive 20 acres of pure terror. Navigate your way through the twisted paths with only the moonlight to guide your way. Is that merely the wind rustling through the leaves, or could it be your worst nightmare. You never know what’s lurking in the corn 20 years of creatures, psychopaths, clowns, and monsters lie in wait for you in the depths of the corn maze. Fear Farms most maniacal and iconic creations and characters stand between you and any chance of safety you thought you had. Will you make it out alive or will you become another victim of The Reaping

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