Fright Fest Haunted Attraction At Six Flags Great Adventure

Friday, Sep 30, 2022 from 5:30pm to 11:00pm


Fright Fest is back and spookier than ever!


Pirates of Speelunker Cave

Coast through a state-of-the-art cave and watch a pirate treasure hunt get thwarted by resident Speelunkers.

Haunted Houses:

Are you brave enough to step inside? The only way out is through. Get the Haunted Attractions Pass.

Piggy's Blood Shed

A long-forgotten roadside attraction along Route 666, this hog farm, famous for its bacon and BBQ, is open under new ownership. You may find yourself as the next blue-plate special on Piggy's menu. Stop in to Piggy's Blood's horror gone hog wild.

Curse of Ra

When you enter through these ancient Egyptian portals you will be transported into the Valley of the Kings where the great Pharaoh Ra's tomb is buried. There is a curse of pain and torture to any that pass through the tomb's opening. Enter if you dare to challenge, The Curse of Ra!


Alert! Alert! The mysterious bio-engineering laboratory, Labsics, has had a breakout! Creature specimens run amok in the facility, lurking and attacking from every dark corner. Rescuers, sent in to control the situation, are now, themselves, contaminated with deadly bio-toxins! Try to escape the chaos and live to tell the tale of this CLASSIFIED terror!

Arania's Murder Manison

Legend tells of a hillside mansion home to a widow that has buried 13 husbands on the grounds of the estate. Left behind and forgotten, she is out for revenge against those that have banished her from the spotlight. Step inside Arania's Murder Mansion - and see for yourself what lurks inside the walls.

Killer Theater

Step into an abandoned theater and venture deep into the industrial underworld. Unexpected horror emerges at every turn, as grungy creatures that feed on fear lurk in the boiler room and sewer tunnels below. Don't look back, as the only way out is further underground at this killer theater.

Scare Zones

Watch your back! There could be a zombie, a witch, or something else that goes bump in the night.

Le Bizarre Du Freak
Cemetery of The Living Dead
Vampire Alley
Black Widow Walkway

Rides in the Dark

When the sun goes down, the scare factor turns up. Experience chilling rides and coaster in darkness.

Entertainment and Shows:

Hellz Bellz

This group of unassuming ladies checks into their favorite hotel to unveil their darkest secrets and release the skeletons in their closet.

Love at First Fright

Join us in the Southern Palace Theatre, where we find Witchie in search of a brain for her beloved Frankie.

Monster Shoppe

Sing and dance to fun Halloween favorites such as “Purple People Eater” and “Jump in the Line.”

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