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Saturday, Sep 21, 2019 at 7:00pm



Nightmare Factory: Blackout

New for 2019!

Clawing, scraping, tearing, skittering and screaming.

Your sight has failed you as the darkness envelops. You can only hear… and feel.

The local power plant went dark a few years back, and the word around town is that something happened inside the walls so awful that the reactor shut down without warning. Don’t let your imagination run wild at the things that are brushing your legs, grabbing your arms and sinking their teeth into anything they can…

However, we can assure you that what’s really stalking you is exactly what wakes you up in the middle of the night. It knows you – it knows what terrifies you and it won’t let you escape.

Abandon your sight and use your sense of touch to explore through what you thought was just a power plant, and find yourself face to face with the most primal fear known on Earth: Complete darkness.

Killgore’s 3D Circus:

Killgore’s 3D Circus is the most mysterious big top show in America. Mr. Killgore parades his circus into small towns across the country during Halloween season, making a killing in the process.

Disfigured clowns perform in the streets before the circus arrives, taking note of prospective “customers”. The rest of the troop arrives and its baggage wagons are unloaded, the marquee is built and playbills are thrown about town.

Then the “show” begins…

Mr. Killgore draws in the crowds and puts on a mesmerizing 3D spectacle, as one would expect. But as the days wear on, severed body parts start showing up on doorsteps, piercing screams are heard from the big top and the dry smell of blood permeates the town.

Just when the locals start to connect the dots, Killgore’s 3D Circus disappears overnight leaving only the damp festival grounds where it once stood, saturated with carnage.

But rumors are that Killgore’s 3D Circus is coming to town – Will you buy a ticket?

Zombieland: Unchained

Twelve years after the zombie apocalypse, Outpost 49 is the last remaining “sanctuary” in the territory formerly known as Indiana. Jeb Sr., commander of Outpost 49, has taken a unique approach to the zombie horde, wrangling them into a slave army.

But after becoming infected himself, Jeb Sr. snapped. He’s had enough of this world and has decided to end it all by cutting his mob of zombies loose.

Your path leads you through the unchained zombie herd of Outpost 49 filled with the remaining  survivors who are losing their minds as they begin to turn into zombies themselves.

Will you survive, or will you become a bedtime snack?

Pandemic: Mutation

After the events of last year, the Omni Labs Corporation had to rethink their future. The decision to cease human testing and switch to “lower risk” organics eliminated the need for several safety protocols.

Plants, insects and animals were spliced and “re-engineered” with a small amount of human DNA to create several new intelligent species. At first, the intent was on improving agricultural output, until the Omni Labs Corporation signed a lucrative contract with the Department of Defense.

The push for immediate small-scale production of “weapons-grade organic life forms” resulted in cutting nearly every corner and safeguard.

By the time Omni Labs was ready for its “official” grand opening, sustainable mutations were being achieved but that’s when it all went wrong. Cross-species contamination resulted in mutations across not only plants, animals and insects, but humans as well.

Enter if you dare, but you may never come out!


This small corner of Bearstone National Park is avoided by locals due to the stories told of the Tate family who have called these woods home for five generations.

The Tates have guarded their land fiercely ever since the Federal Government claimed it for the national park. Isolated for decades, the only folks to see the Tates these days are the unlucky travelers who experience car trouble or lose their way.

To find your way out of Backwoods you’ll need to navigate through dark, winding trails discovering different members of the Tate family in their cabins, workshops and outhouses.

But if you happen to encounter Papa Tate, you’ll wish you had stayed on the main roads…

Monster Midway:

The Monster Midway is the hub of Indy Scream Park. It’s the perfect place to get the night started or to take a break and bask in the afterglow of adrenaline-fueled terror. Features include:

- An array of terrifying monsters
- Fire pits to set the mood
- A variety of alcoholic beverages, including craft beer and wine
- An assortment of hot and cold drinks
- Your favorite grilled, fried and cooked foods
- A fully stocked gift shop carrying Indy Scream Park branded merchandise
- Awesome midway games, including Zombie Paintball
- Indy Scream Park photo spots
- Caricature artist drawings
- And more!

Experience the Monster Midway yourself, open every evening until close.

End Time: midnight.

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