Maryland Renaissance Festival

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Saturday, Oct 5, 2019 from 10:00am to 7:00pm



10am at the Lyric Stage: Pipe Organ performance by Master Thomas Tallis.

Gatehouse Stage:

10:30 am: STREETspeare: Eastward Ho!
10:45 am: STREETspeare: Merry Wives of Windsor
11:00 am: Lucy Locket’s King Midas and the Golden Touch
11:30 am: Stupina The Girlie Girl Show
12:00 pm: Children’s Sing Along
12:30 pm: The Hoop Enchantress
1:00 pm: Children’s Knighting Ceremony
1:30 pm: Pee Wee Pirate Show
2:00 pm: Treasure Quest
2:30 pm: The Hoop Enchantress
3:00 pm: Fables, Fantasies, and Fortunes
3:30 pm: Special Guest
4:00 pm: An Audience with the King
4:30 pm: Fables, Fantasies, and Fortunes
5:00 pm: STREETspeare: The Taming of the Shrew
6:55 pm at Front Gate: The King’s Evening Farewell

Lyric Stage:

10:30 am: O & LaLa! Fools!
11:00 am: Matt Pauli: Pirate Escape
11:30 am: The Gwendolyn Show
12:00 pm: O & LaLa! Fools!
12:30 pm: Dinty the Moor Magic
1:00 pm: Company Men
1:30 pm: O & LaLa! Fools!
2:00 pm: Piper Jones
2:30 pm: Company Men
3:00 pm: O & LaLa! Fools!
3:30 pm: Piper Jones
4:00 pm: Company Men
4:30 pm: The Gwendolyn Show
5:00 pm: Piper Jones
5:30 pm: Company Men
6:15 pm: Pipe Organ Recital

Reveler’s Bower:

10:30 am: Razor Wit; Grooming for the Tudor Gentleman
11:00 am: Dinty the Moor’s Escuela Estafa (Swindle School)
11:45 am: The Alcheming World of Bertram Ripley
12:15 pm: From Sheep to Chemise: A tale of wool
12:45 pm: STREETspeare: Tom Tyler & his Wife
1:15 pm: STREETspeare: Comedy of Calandro
1:30 pm: To Your Health! Tudor Cures
2:00 pm: Cakes & Ale: Food & Drink in Tudor England
2:30 pm: Special Guest
3:00 pm: STREETspeare: Dog In the Manger
3:15 pm: The Queen’s Singers A Royal W(h)ine
3:45 pm: STREETspeare: Alls Well that Ends Well
4:00 pm: STREETspeare: Merchant of Venice
4:15 pm: STREETspeare: Lysistrata PG-13
4:30 pm: Special Guest
5:00 pm: Ask A Courtesan with Columbina - PG
5:30 pm: Tudor Gaming Dice, cards & more.

Globe Theatre:

11:15 am: Aerial Silk Fantasy
11:30 am: Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet Part I
12:30 pm: Fightasia 4: Pandora’s Box
1:00 pm: Company of Women presents Julius Caesar
2:00 pm: Shakespeare’s Skum: Antony & Cleopatra: As the Nile Flows
2:30 pm: Aerial Silk Fantasy
3:00 pm: Shakespeare’s Skum: Tag Team Romeo & Juliet -PG
3:45 pm: Aerial Silk Fantasy
4:00 pm: Shakespeare’s Skum: Henry the V
4:30 pm: Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet Part II

Royal Fox Theatre:

11:00 am: Puke & Snot
12:00 pm: Vixens EnGarde
1:00 pm: Puke & Snot
2:00 pm: Vixens EnGarde
2:45 pm: Puke & Snot
3:30 pm: Vixens EnGarde
4:30 pm: Puke & Snot
5:15 pm: Vixens EnGarde

White Hart Tavern:

Starting at 10:45 am, each week enjoy different pub bands including: The Crimson Pirates, Seán Heely Trio, Seamus Kennedy, MacPherson’s Pocket Watch, The Natterjacks, North Sea Gas, Poehemia, The Pride of Ireland, Pyrates Royale, Rambling Sailors, Scales & Crosstones, Token Entertainment
12:15 pm: Piper Jones
1:00 pm: Musical Guest
2:00 pm: The Hooligans
2:45 pm: Musical Guest
3:30 pm: The Hooligans
4:15 pm: Musical Guest
5:00 pm: The O’Danny’s HOUSE PARTY - PG
6:00 pm: Pub Sing Along! - PG

Fortune Stage:

11:30 am: Dario El Gaucho
12:30 pm: Les S. Moore Will Steal Your Stuff!
1:00 pm: Topsy Turvy
1:45 pm: Dario El Gaucho
3:30 pm: Topsy Turvy
4:30 pm: Dario El Gaucho
5:30 pm: Topsy Turvy

The Joust Arena:

11:30 am: Militia: Sword & Shield Demo
12:00 pm: DeBracey Productions Joust
2:00 pm: Archery
2:30 pm: Militia: Broadsword Demo
3:00 pm: DeBracey Productions Joust
3:30 pm: Militia: Quarterstaff Demo
4:00 pm: Militia Mayhem!
6:00 pm: DeBracey Productions Joust

Market Stage:

10:30 am: Sirena
11:30 am: Cu Dubh
12:30 pm: Sirena
1:30 pm: Cu Dubh
2:30 pm: Sirena
3:30 pm: Cu Dubh
4:30 pm: Sirena
5:15 pm: Cu Dubh

Boars Head Tavern:

11:00 am: The O’Danny’s HOUSE PARTY - PG
12:00 pm: The Hooligans
1:00 pm: Musical Guest
2:00 pm: Musical Guest
3:00 pm: Musical Guest
4:00 pm: Dinty the Moor Magic
6:15 pm: Piper Jones

Location: Crownsville Road, in Anne Arundel County in Crownsville, just outside of Annapolis, MD

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