Scare Farm Haunted Attraction

Scare Farm Haunted Attraction

Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm


Scare Farm is not able to control the weather and is very weather dependent. If it rains or the field conditions are poor due to excess precipitation earlier, we may have to close for the Safety of our customers & staff.

Haunted Attractions:

Scare Farm will have three terrifying attractions for you!

Creepy Hollow:

The Creepy Hollow story is one of the most complex and darkest parts of the whole Scare Farm history. Although it’s been over a century since the Atrum family farmed this property the locals called Creepy Hollow, their evil legacy remains. Could it have been the pull of this dark land that changed something in them? Neighbors would say that the scarecrows were there for more than just scaring the crows away and you could always hear maniacal laughter through the red corn. So come and walk the same fields where ‘Old Eli’ grew and harvested his gruesome crop and “Live The Story…Or Die Trying."

To read the story of Creepy Hollow and find out who Elias Atrum is and why he will NEVER let you leave the corn.

The Slay Ride:    

IIs it possible for a place to drive a family to madness and terror? If you believe it can, then we will transport you back in time and welcome you to the Slay Farm!

Once the sun goes down and the mask of this happy fall destination is stripped away, we will welcome you to meet the Slay Family. Three brothers that not only cultivated the land, but have harvested the souls of many that have associated with this land.

While the concentration of strange, twisted and tragic events ever continues to play out in the darkness, by taking this trip and you will see the truth about this terrifying family revealed.

If you have ever thought about taking a haunted hayride during the Cold Harvest Moon, you will see THE SLAYRIDE at Scare Farm as it truly exists. The terror is real, your nightmares will be eager to come to life and madness rules the land.

So climb aboard


Do you know the meaning of Paranoia? It is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself…e.g. "Everyone is out to get me." We will explore you deepest and darkest fears in this walk through the corn field that is planted on the sacred burial grounds! Do you know what really scares you? Well we do! And remember while you are in Paranoia "Everyone Really Is Out To Get You"

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