Mike Arms Makes a Career of Caring for Animals

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Mike Arms knew he always liked animals, but it wasn't until he was lying in the street after a brutal beating that he decided to dedicate his life to protecting and saving them. You need to read his story, to fully appreciate how a horrific act led to such an inspired outcome. Since that day when Mike made a promise to dedicate his life to protecting animals, he's been behind programs that are credited with saving the lives of more than 7 million dogs and cats. As the President of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Mike strives to maintain an organization for other organizations to emulate. During his career he has created an international pet adoption program that facilitates free three-day intensive training sessions to educate others involved in animal welfare. Mike is also a sought after speaker who offers his wisdom at no charge. As he says: "My fee for these services is always zero. Animal facilities are not my competition; they are my friends, and helping them enhance the animals' quality of life is what the Center and I are all about." Among the many accomplishments throughout his career, Mike is most proud of the partnership he forged with the Iams pet food company. It's called Iams Home 4 the Holidays and when it started it 1999 it was local and boasted of placing more than 2,500 animals the first year. Thanks to Mike's careful nurturing over the years the program is now global, bringing together some 4,000 organizations to find homes for more than 1 million animals. Another program Mike is proud of is called Animeals. It helps supply food to feed the pets of those who can't get out to buy food on their own, so they don't have to give up the company of their furry friends. Mike counts three dogs and one cat among his personal brood, all rescues, of course and he encourages anyone who is considering bringing a pet home to please visit an animal shelter first. "You just might be surprised at how quickly you'll fall in love." RESOURCES FOR LOCATING A SHELTER PET Help find a forever home for a shelter pet in your area: The Shelter Project http://theshelterpetproject.org/ Pet Finder http://www.petfinder.com/index.html Bideawee http://www.bideawee.org/ Adopt a Pet http://www.adoptapet.com/

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