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October 23, 2015

After 34 years as a Miracle Method franchisee, Del Murphy can now sit back and survey his "kingdom" which is his showroom at 5750 Roseville Road Suite #2 in Sacramento, California. Miracle Method Surface Refinishing is the largest kitchen and bath refinishing company in North America, and as such a successful franchisee such as Murphy spends most of his time managing his staff and customers.  And residences aren't the only buildings in need of new kitchens and bathrooms. Murphy and his team of 14 have spent 25 years doing resurfacing projects for the University of California.

It took a lot of hard work for Murphy to get where he is. "Most people think they will start a business and they will automatically hit it big, but it took time to grow our business to this level," said Murphy. For others thinking about starting their own business or buying a franchise, Murphy's #1 tip is, "Don't give up!"

Another key to Murphy's success has been his ability to understand his niche and capitalize on facts such as the clear increase in value a kitchen and bath remodel and/or resurfacing brings to homeowners.  "There are bathrooms everywhere, so there is always a need," said Murphy.

According to HGTV, kitchen and bath remodels, even simple ones like resurfacing, can return 100% of the investment when trying to sell a home.

Murphy also knows how to capitalize on recent trends. For example, he has been able to align his business with the recent Earth-friendly movement in which people have become concerned with the environment. "We are recycling materials and not putting more products into landfills," said Murphy. That's good news because landfills produce toxic gases that pollute our environment and the chemicals that don't evaporate often end up in the water supply.

But Murphy didn't make his franchise a success all on his own: he turned it into a family business. He bought the master franchise rights to develop the entire Northwest with his brother and parents in 1981. Then Murphy's sister and her husband got involved and opened showrooms of their own in Portland. Murphy later bought out his brother's share of the master franchise and now runs it all on his own.

The next phase will be to look for someone to take over Murphy's role. "I am in search of a successor who can keep the business at the same level that I have all these years, and then some," Murphy said.  Somehow we don't think that will be a big problem.


About Miracle Method

The largest bath and kitchen refinishing company in North America, Miracle Method has grown steadily since its founding in 1977. With over 135 domestic and international franchises, Miracle Method specializes in repairing and refinishing all types of bathtubs, showers, ceramic tile and countertops. Miracle Method is targeting expansion throughout the United States and Canada, with plans to add 120 more franchises by the end of 2018. For more information, visit