Alamosa Welcomes Back the 2nd Annual American Red Cross Academy!

Clubs and Organizations

September 24, 2014

The Red Cross is the largest humanitarian organization on the globe. We are asking you to join us in continuing to support the mission by attending the 2014 academy hosted by the SLV Grizzly Inn Medical Training Center 1919 Main St. Alamosa, CO: November 7th-9th, 2014

The following classes have currently been scheduled:



Trainings 11/07/2014

Trainings 11/08/2014

Trainings 11/09/2014


Day1 Only







Room 1

Welcome 9-10

Psych 1 Aid: 10-1

CPP/AED 1:30 - 4:30

Disaster Action Team (DAT) Introduction Workshop 3-4

Basic Sherter Ops 8-2

Room 2


Disaster Front line Supervisor 10-4

Volunteer Connections/ SABA- 8-9

Public Affairs 9:15-4

Response on Call (ROC) Advanced 3-12

Client Case Management 12:30-4

Room 3


Pestering F amiry Links Overmen" 10-11:15

Service to the Armed Forces 11:30-12:30

Born on the Battlefield Common Origins of the Red Cross and Geneva Conventions 1-4

Disaster Instructor Specialty Training (DIST Part-Advanced 3-4

(DIST Part2 Advanced 3-4

The academy is free for those who complete pre-signup requirements. We invite you to visit to learn more about these classes, volunteering in your community and abroad, donating and safety recommendations. Some classes are advanced and require prerequisites. Please contact Vilate Thacker- Volunteer Program Coordinator,  (719)-588-6931 to learn more and register or Disaster Program Coordinator Bill Werner, Colorado and Wyoming Region, for more information (719)-588-5812.