AmericanTown's Heroes: Bella Gets Around With a Little Help From Her Big Friend, George

Health and Fitness

November 25, 2015

You have heard the expression a dog is a man's best friend, but what about a little girl? Bella Burton proves that a dog can be not only a best friend, but a huge help in getting around. Bella has a debilitating disease, which makes it difficult for her to get around without a wheelchair. She sometimes uses crutches, but the best crutch of all is her Great Dane named George.

Both Bella and George are the heroes of this story and George is even going to get an award to prove it. He is to be honored with an award for canine excellence by the American Kennel Club for the help he provides to his friend and companion.

George is one of five dogs to be honored for his service to his master (or is that mistress), but more than that he is loved and thanked everyday by a young girl and her family grateful for the strength he provides and confidence he inspires that enables her to lead an active life. George is a fixture in her home as well as her school where, according to Bella, he "knows where all her classes are" and is happy to take a nap while she gets her lessons in.

Do you know someone who provides a steadying force for someone with a debilitating disease? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes.