AmericanTown's Heroes: Firefighters Rescue Stranded Tourists

Clubs and Organizations

January 30, 2016

As flames consumed parts of Tennessee, including popular tourist towns like Gatlinburg, firefighters from all over the country were pitching in to help. Thousands of people have been evacuated and local fire crews are being credited with rescuing hundreds, including a dozen people with their dogs taking shelter in their cars as the fire surrounded them on all sides.

Oak Ridge Firefighters were hampered in reaching the stranded caravan by fallen trees and downed power lines, but after cutting the trees and having the power cut off in the area, they found the group of mostly elderly people frantically waiting to be rescued. 

The Oak Ridge Chief was interviewed by local media and dismissed the hero status. Besides being part of the job his crew is trained for, he cited the contributions being made by firefighters from all over to help get the fires in Tennessee under control.

While the area has gotten some much needed rain, fires continue to burn in parts of the Southeast, so the firefighters who can will be moving on to where they are needed most.

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