AmericanTown's Heroes: John Cena is a World Champion Hero for Sick Kids

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January 14, 2016

John Cena was already a hero. In fact, he usually plays a hero on the big screen. He is also a hero for the work he does for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Cena is credited with giving more of his time to grant wishes than any other celeb. At last count it was more than 500! That's how many times he has made himself available to a child whose wish it was to meet him. Some love his strength and some love his never-give-up attitude, which gives them strength.

Cena is best known as a world champion professional wrestler. He has grown a steady following over the years for his performances in the ring and also has a huge following on social media. He has more than 8 million followers on Twitter and 4.3 million followers on Instagram where he posts "images without explanation, for your interpretation." Don't worry; It's all G-rated, because he knows kids look up to him and he usually shares motivational messages about hard work and gratitude. Cena is a big guy with a big heart who takes time to makes kids smile.

The Make A Wish Foundation is driven by a belief that granting wishes helps make life better for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. People like John Cena make that happen.

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