Aspetuck Land Trust - Blueberries And Legislators

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July 16, 2019

From: Aspetuck Land Trust

Local Elected Leaders hold a "Conservation Conversation" in Weston to discuss the importance of state funding for open space lands.

Last Thursday, after years of hard work we celebrated a conservation success, the preservation of 38-acres in Weston which enlarged our Honey Hill Preserve in Weston to 119 acres. The 38-acre Belknap property, purchased from the Belknap family in 2017 with help from a $165,000 grant from the State of Connecticut is a critical parcel in Aspetuck Land Trust’s efforts to create a 706-acre protected forest block on the Weston/Wilton border by preserving 289-acres of unprotected land, the “last frontier” of open space in our area. To date, Aspetuck Land Trust has protected over 50 acres in the Weston/Wilton Forest Block including the 38-acre Belknap property, among other parcels. We will continue to work hard to protect properties in the forest block from development for the benefit of the public.

Thank you to Barbara Belknap and David Kaufman for being such gracious hosts at your beautiful farmhouse on Wampum Hill Road in Weston. Thank you to our legislators on both sides of the aisle for their leadership and support of open space.

We are local, we are your neighbors, we are your land trust.

Get out and take a hike. See our open space properties HERE. Learn about the blueberries below!

Hike to the Patch and Pick the berries!

Thanks to Mother Nature, Blueberry Czar Tom Johnson, and the many volunteers that care for the Patch the blueberries are abundant! The early morning and the late afternoon are beautiful times of the day for members to hike into the patch, the trail is peaceful and mostly shaded.

Use your code to open the gate and gather the fruit!


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