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February 2, 2018

Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn, leaving you without the security you thought you'd always have. That's what happened to Lisa, who shops at a Connecticut Food Bank member food pantry. Difficult life changes have left her a single parent with three young children to support.

She was a health aide in New York, working day and night shifts, but when Lisa found herself raising three children alone, she could not manage that work schedule and child care. She moved to Connecticut to live with her sister's family, hoping to lower costs. "Even though I have degrees from college and home health aide licenses and certifications, I still can't find a job," Lisa said.

Lisa has five and six year-old daughters in kindergarten and first grade, and a son, aged two, in pre-K. With her sister's family, there are eight people in the household. They pool money together for groceries, but she can't feed her children on just her earnings. So, after getting her children on the bus, she goes to the pantry "to get some food to last me to the end of the month," she told us.

Your support helps hard working people like Lisa who are faced with unexpected challenges. Each $100 gift you provide can help feed Lisa's family for two weeks.

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