CT Family Acupuncture in Bolton Marks Successful 1st Anniversary

Business and Professional

August 31, 2017

CT Acupuncture Specialists and Spouses Balance a Growing Practice and Family 

When she was stricken with Lyme disease in college, Jill Kleiber had no idea it would completely change the course of both her professional and personal life. When doctors in Arizona didn't recognize the symptoms of Lyme disease, it progressed to the point that Kleiber developed Bell's palsy, partial facial paralysis. After a month of steroids, antibiotics, painkillers and specialists, a friend recommended acupuncture. After only a few treatments, the Bell's palsy was gone and Kleiber was an acupuncture convert.

Two decades later, she and her husband Matt Maneggia own the thriving Connecticut Family Acupuncture practice with locations in West Hartford and Bolton, and plans for further expansion. They work together to balance the demands of work and a busy family of four young boys; 7-year-old twins, a 5-year-old and an 18-month-old.

"I don't know if we actually succeed at balancing work and life," jokes Maneggia. "But we do succeed in balancing each other in terms of business philosophies. I'm definitely more of a risk-taker, whereas Jill is a lot more steadied and reasoned in her approach."

The couple also agrees on a treatment philosophy that combines acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping, and naturopathic medicine to naturally and successfully treat a variety of ailments including:

●     Pain (both chronic and acute)

●     Women's health issues  - Infertility, Painful or Irregular Menstruation  and Menopausal Symptoms

●     Anxiety & Depression

●     Digestive Disorders

●     Allergies

●     Headaches

●     Fibromyalgia

"When performed by a competent, highly-trained practitioner, acupuncture is one of the safest forms of medicine available," notes Maneggia. "Some studies have shown, and our experience backs this up, that it's up to twice as effective as conventional care in treating conditions such as lower back pain."

Maneggia explains acupuncture works by stimulating the body to produce its own anti-inflammatory and pain relieving chemicals. Because of this natural pain-killing effect, he is a strong advocate for acupuncture as the go-to treatment for pain rather than starting down the slippery slope of opioid pain medication.

Most people are surprised to discover just how relaxing an acupuncture treatment actually is. The needles are hair-thin and are inserted just under the skin. All needles are sterile and disposed of after each use. The sensation of the needles can vary. People usually report feeling a light pressure, tingling, warmth, or slight ache. Many people even fall asleep during the 30-40 minute treatment!

Both professional and patient acceptance of acupuncture has changed dramatically in the 10 years since Maneggia has been in practice. Occasionally new patients will remark how skeptical they are that acupuncture will help, but usually these folks become some of Connecticut Family Acupuncture's best patients and biggest fans. Referrals also come from conventional physicians every day.

"One of the ways we have overcome professional misconceptions is to talk about acupuncture in terms of the actual physiological actions it has - not in terms of 'balancing energy' or spirituality," said Maneggia. "The proof is in the results."

Both natives of Connecticut who currently reside in Hartford, the pair met in class at the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin, TX.  Matt's acupuncture education continued in Chengdu, China at a modern hospital that incorporated both traditional Chinese and Western medicine where he studied with some of China's best traditional doctors. He opened Sea Change Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine in 2007 in West Hartford which later evolved to West Hartford Acupuncture and now Connecticut Family Acupuncture. Kleiber earned a Masters in Oriental Medicine (MSOM). She is a nationally certified practitioner of Tuina (Chinese massage) with a background as a yoga instructor and a massage therapist.

The Bolton office was opened in June 2016 in response to a number of patients who wanted acupuncture but didn't want to drive "across the river". Maneggia also chose the location because, as a 3rd-generation Bolton-ite, it's his hometown. They are currently looking in the New Haven area for the rollout of their third location sometime in 2018.

Now that they have hired four additional licensed practitioners, the couple hopes to have more time together at home.  

"But since we love what we do so much, it doesn't feel like it's work encroaching on life," said Maneggia. "I think it's truly a family business in that respect and I think a lot of our patients really appreciate that about our practice."

Since 2007, Connecticut Family Acupuncture has utilized acupuncture, TCM work and herbal medicine to help thousands of people realize their optimum health naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical or surgical interventions. All practitioners exceed state and national requirements for licensure in acupuncture combined with an extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nationally certified by the NCCAOM and licensed by the CT Department of Public Health. Two locations: West Hartford Acupuncture at 173 Oakwood Avenue in West Hartford and 1212 Boston Turnpike in Bolton. To schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation, call 860.503.3676 or visit <a www.ctfamilyacupuncture.com

PHOTO:  Entrepreneurs and spouses Matt Maneggia and Jill Kleiber are celebrating the first anniversary of their second Connecticut Family Acupuncture location. They work together to balance their thriving  practice with a family of four young boys.