D-The Blue and Gold Digest News - January 24, 2018

Schools and Libraries

January 27, 2018

From: Madeira City Schools

Children of Madeira residents that will be five (5) years old on or before September 30, 2018, are eligible to be registered to attend Kindergarten at Madeira City Schools for the 2018-2019 school year. Madeira uses an online process for Kindergarten registration. All links and a full description of the process and required documents can be found at 2018-2019 Kindergarten Registration.

The pre-registration link that is now active on our website provides a survey for families to indicate their preference for AM Half-Day Kindergarten, PM Half-Day Kindergarten, or the Optional All-Day Kindergarten Program ($372/month). Priority registration is given to those families who have been enrolled in the Madeira Elementary Preschool Program. Requests/preferences will be handled in the order in which they are received. The week of February 20, an online registration link will be active on the site. After completing the registration, a link enables families to schedule a 10-minute registration meeting to review paperwork and finalize registration. Required forms must be completed by March 2, 2018. For more information contact Madeira Elementary School at 985-6080. We are excited to welcome the graduating class of 2031!


- Senior Mary Englert scored her 1,516th point as an Amazon basketball player and became the team’s new top all-time leading scorer. The previous record belonged to Pam Mack Scott ’81. For more please see Way to Go Mary!

- Senior Jack Cravaack recently became the sixth player in Mustang basketball history to score 1,000 points, joining Jeff Hern ‘94, Mike Meece ‘86, Robb Hern ‘02, Jay Newberry ‘96 and Andrew Benintendi ‘13. Jack was recognized before the January 19 Mustang basketball game.

- Congratulations to Owen Smith, Live Oaks’ Student of the month for PreEngineering.

- Mary Englert was also named LaRos’a MVP Featured Athlete of the Week: LaRosa's MVP.

- While an unexpected early dismissal from school will be the last resort, we want you to be aware of our emergency weather procedures in advance. Please see Weather Alert Information.

Information on our list serves and social media tools can be found at Keep in Touch.