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July 4, 2017

Greetings from United Way. I am pleased to share with you the latest updates on the Gift Story, the Washington Update and the Finance Update. These services are provided as a free service to our friends each week.

Personal Planner
Helping Children Today
When children are in their 30s and 40s, they frequently are starting a new career or beginning a family. Many are still paying off school debts.
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Savvy Living
Auto Safety Devices That Can Help Seniors with Older Cars
Do you know of any auto safety products that can help seniors with older cars? My 80-year-old father, who drives his beloved 2004 Toyota Avalon, is still a pretty good driver but he has limited range-of-motion, which makes looking over his shoulder to back up...
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Your Plan
Tax-Free Sale
Howard and Lynn were age 55 when they purchased some land outside of town, and they thought it would be a good investment that they could later sell.
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Washington News
Tax Scammers Do Not Take Summer Vacations
In IR-2017-112, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen warned taxpayers to be alert for new tax scams this summer. Koskinen stated, "We continue to urge people to watch out for new and evolving schemes this summer. Many of these are variations of a theme, involving...
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Stocks - Nike Scores on Better-than-Expected Earnings Read more
Bonds - Treasury Yields Rise Read more
CDs and Mortgages - 30-Year Fixed Rate Hits 2017 Low Read more

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