GiftLegacy Newsletter - February 9, 2014

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February 11, 2014

Personal Planner

Life Insurance - Costs and Benefits
Five Reasons Why You May Not Own Life Insurance. Let's look at the "top five" reasons people give for not owning life insurance. Let's look at the "top five" reasons Read More
Savvy Living

Work-At-Home Employment Opportunities for Retirees
Can you recommend some popular work-at-home jobs for retirees? I'm interested in earning a little extra cash, but would also like to stay at home and have a flexible schedule. Read More
Your Plan

Sale and Unitrust
Gene and Carol purchased stock in a small medical service company several years ago. Now, Gene and Carol are looking for a way to save taxes. Read More
Washington News

IRS Ready for Income Tax Returns
On January 31 the IRS announced that it is prepared to receive 2013 income tax returns. The return season will be from that date until Tuesday, April 15, 2014, unless taxpayers file for an extension. Read More

Stocks - Walt Disney Regains Its Financial Magic Read More
Bonds - Treasuries Rise as Jobs Report Disappoints Read More
CDs and Mortgages - Interest Rates Decline on Housing Data Read More