How do writing services work?

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October 8, 2015

Many people pay for essay online services without truly knowing how they work. Some people think that when you pay for essay written by professional essay writers, you are actually paying for a pre-written essay. This is rarely the case because such essays are often worthless to students that need a fresh, new and original essay to submit under their own name. Not sure how essay writing services work? Here is a quick rundown of the most common writing-service business paradigm. 

A professional writes your essay for you 

Good essay writing services will be staffed with highly qualified writers that write essays for a living. You submit your project parameters to them, and they write your essay for you in the same way that you would have to. They do not copy the work of others or re-sell old essays. The resultant piece of work is of a high quality, and is 100% original so that you may hand it in as your own. Good essay writing services also have a confidentiality clause that means no third-party may find out that you used the site. 

You are paying an expert essay writer 

The writer should have a degree or at least the qualification that you are studying for. Many of them work full-time, which means they have a lot of practice writing essays. As a result, they are able to create very good essays within a very short space of time. They are also very aware of what your professor is looking for and so are able to write papers that get high scores (if required). 

Gather your material 

You need to hand over all the project parameters that your professor gave to you. These include the essay questions, notes, reading lists and further resources that your professor provided. Some professors hold sessions where they give further thoughts and ideas on the essay, so you need to make notes and hand them over to the essay writer too. 

Get a quote from their service 

You need to get a quote before you buy, which is why you need to define your deadline with care because shorter deadlines will cost you more money. Get your quote, finalize the deal, and all you have to do is wait for the essay to be delivered. 

Wait for your essay to be delivered 

Your essay should be delivered via email. Do not access the email on the university or college network. Do it on your phone or at another location. Transfer it via memory stick to your computer on campus and send your essay to your professor via that computer. 

Do not tell people that you used the service 

If an essay writing service lives up to its promises and writes a custom paper for you that is fresh and unique, then there is no real way your professor will know you didn't write it. Unless you have been failing and then suddenly score highly, there is no reason to suspect unless you tell somebody. The trick is to tell nobody that you used the service, and to occasionally complain about how long and hard you had to work on it.