Jackie Kennedy's Former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill Recounts His Experiences at Event Hosted by The Buckingham

Arts and Entertainment

August 16, 2016

Retired Secret Service agent Clint Hill recently recounted his daily interactions and experiences as a first-hand witness to Jackie Kennedy's life in a special presentation which featured discussions about his book, "Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Interview with Clint Hill." The book is co-authored by Lisa McCubbin, New York Times best-selling author and former news anchor. McCubbin interviewed Hill in a presentation hosted by The Buckingham, an SQLC retirement community, taking guests on a journey through history, complete with photos, videos and stories about the former first lady who fascinated the world.

"Clint Hill's emotional and moving presentation captivated the audience," said Julie Fenske, executive director of The Buckingham. "It was an honor to catch a glimpse of Clint Hill's riveting life, as he shared many heartfelt experiences during his career as the first lady's secret service agent."  

Hill spoke to a captivated crowd about his past experiences while protecting one of the world's most iconic families. Hill acted as primary Secret Service agent to Jackie Kennedy from her first days in the White House through the tragic assassination of her husband on November 22, 1963. Hill became a part of history when he threw his body over President John F. Kenney and the first lady hoping to spare their lives by possibly sacrificing his own. Hill's extraordinary and heroic interactions with the first lady and President John F. Kennedy were recently recognized in an exclusive article featured in People Magazine. Hill and McCubbin most recently collaborated on their latest book, "FIVE PRESIDENTS: My Extraordinary Journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford." With a unique insider's perspective, Hill sheds new light on the character and personality of these five Presidents: Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford, revealing their humanity in the face of grave decisions. The newly-released book is quickly gaining national attention and positive reviews. 

The Buckingham is proud to host remarkable individuals in its Red Carpet Speaker Series, such as "Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Interview with Clint Hill." The Red Carpet Speaker Series provides residents and guests with unique and often once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet renowned individuals and hear inspirational and stimulating presentations. The speaker series is a dynamic part of the Masterpiece Living® Programphilosophy that is incorporated throughout the community. The philosophy encourages continual learning and promotes a healthy lifestyle in all regards physical, emotional, social and spiritual.