Lido School Career Day Has a Hometown Touch

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April 12, 2013



There was a decidedly personal atmosphere at Lido School’s annual Career Day, as alumni, parents and local business people visited the school to share their experiences in fields as varied as music, cultural arts, sports, advertising, merchandising, pizza making, firefighting, law enforcement, recreation and web design. The event was even more meaningful for students because they already had personal connections with many of the presenters.


Local surf instructor Cliff Skudin, who is a graduate of Lido School, returned to speak with students about beach safety and how he started his popular Long Beach surf school.


Long Beach police officer Stephanie Marro spoke to students about her career in law enforcement.


Todd Kaminsky, who grew up in Long Beach, told students about his career as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice. During his presentation, he gave students many insights into the workings of the criminal justice system.


Anthony Fallon of the Long Beach Fire Department is the father of a Lido student. He demonstrated how he and his fellow firefighters use equipment like heat sensors to help them rescue people from burning buildings.


Priscilla Mistretta, whose daughter is a student at Lido School, demonstrated how she makes the “Magic of Macy’s” come alive. Over the years she has been involved in merchandising, marketing and advertising for this retail giant.


Long Beach Middle School teacher Michael Lundwall, who is also a Long Beach lifeguard, spoke to students about how he works to keep everyone safe at the beach.


Michael Cupani, who is the husband of Lido teacher Debra Cupani, told students how he makes a living as a street artist.


Students even made a trip over to the middle school for a lesson in pizza making that was conducted by the district’s Nutritional Services Department.


Other local business people who shared their talents included tax consultant Bob Brenner, who plays in a band on the side, and Web wizards Ian Danby and Mike Longworth of the CyberNet Place. Professional photographer Matt Mendelsohn, a Long Island native who now resides in Virginia, also shared his expertise with students.