Lindell Students Celebrate Charitable Efforts with a ReSurf Beach Party

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June 18, 2014



Celebrating the end of a school-wide donation effort, Lindell School in Long Beach hosted a ReSurf beach party to reward students for their contributions to ReSurf, a local organization that uses surfing programs as an educational and esteem-building tool.

Teacher Carol Cintorino and Student Council adviser Jane Quinton spearheaded the movement with the help of the Student Council and the school's Golden Rulers. Students from these two groups worked for more than a month to rally classmates to donate board shorts, boogie boards, surfboards, towels and T-shirts, which ReSurf will use to provide surfing lessons to underprivileged and at-risk adolescents.

After the student leaders presented persuading commercials to classes and invited a ReSurf representative to come speak about the organization, dozens and dozens of assorted beach items came flowing in. As a reward for their donations, students received a raffle for a prize drawing.

At the end of the initiative on June 6, students of all grades were treated to a beach-themed day of fun and games to recognize their efforts. Physical education teachers Mary Miller and Michele LaBiento organized activities for the classes, including beach volleyball and dancing, while the PTA donated leis and fruit for the children to enjoy at lunch.

Cintorino said she hopes the campaign and party taught the students the importance of giving back a theme that is emphasized throughout the year at Lindell. As a follow-up, Student Council representatives and Golden Rulers club members will also be meeting with Cliff Skudin, who leads another local organization called Surf for All. He will discuss his organization's common goals with ReSurf, and highlight the success of the students' hard work.