Lindell Students Take a Piece of PIE

Schools and Libraries

June 5, 2013



On the evening of May 28, Lindell School in the Long Beach School District hosted a SAFE (School and Family Education) presentation titled “Take a Piece of PIE (Peaceful Intervention for Everyone).” Parents were invited to the library, where teacher-in-charge Carol Cintorino spoke to them about measures the school is taking to enforce the Dignity for All Students Act. She discussed the psychology and characteristics of bullies, targets and bystanders, and gave parents useful pointers for diffusing bullying situations and empowering their children to be upstanders when they witness bullying.

Meanwhile, students in grades K-5 gathered together to read and discuss “Enemy Pie,” a book that revealed a secret recipe for a pie that is guaranteed to help get rid of enemies, showing how good things can happen when you are nice to others even when they are mean to you. After discussing the book, they created their own recipes for Friendship Sandwiches, BFF Fries and Caring Cupcakes, with ingredients like a cup of kindness and a gallon of good times. When they finished creating their recipes, they retired to the cafeteria, where they made their own enemy pies using graham cracker crusts, chocolate pudding and whipped topping — a delicious way to remember the lessons of kindness they had learned.