Long Beach BOE to Act on State Assessment Relief Plan

Schools and Libraries

November 7, 2013


On Oct. 22, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed a series of new laws to aid with Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. The Superstorm Sandy Relief Act will grant municipalities, including school districts, the legal authority to retroactively adjust property tax assessments for storm-damaged properties and allow a tax refund or credit to be issued to any property owners as a result of any downward assessment in property value. On Nov. 25, the Nassau County Legislature is expected to adopt a resolution enabling taxpayers to file for reductions, clearing the way for the Long Beach Board of Education to implement this plan. The Long Beach Board of Education will consider acting on an authorizing resolution at its Nov. 12 meeting.


In order to qualify for such a reduction, property owners must make a written request to the county assessor's office by Jan. 21, 2014. Those residents who have already filed a Property Damage Review Form (PDRF) with the department of Assessment need not resubmit the form. For more information about filing a PDRF, call the Department of Assessment at 516-571-1500.


In addition, the new legislation will enable local governments and school districts to use money in capital reserve funds for expenses related to storm recovery, with the condition that these reserve funds be reimbursed with interest over a period of five fiscal years. Under normal circumstances, use or transfer of reserve funds must be approved by public referendum. Chief Operating Officer Michael DeVito will be making a presentation on the status of the District's reserve funds at the Nov. 12 Board of Education meeting. The presentation will also be available online, at lbeach.org.


For a copy of the governor's press release announcing the Superstorm Sandy Relief Act, visit www.governor.ny.gov/press/10222013-superstorm-sandy-recovery.