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December 30, 2019

No Time To Wait:

Each and every year, the Meals on Wheels network delivers meals to more than 2.4 million seniors in America.

And it's still not enough...

The fact is, 83% of low income, food insecure seniors are not receiving the meals they need.

We can do better, and we need your help.

Research shows seniors who are waiting to receive Meals on Wheels are:

More Likely To Report Fair Or Poor Self-Rated Health
More Likely To Screen Positive For Depression
More Likely To Report They Don'T Have Enough Money To Buy The Food They Need
More Likely To Require Assistance With Shopping For Groceries Or Preparing Food

There's no time to wait.

One of the most powerful ways to support seniors facing hunger and isolation is to become a monthly donor to Meals on Wheels America.

No senior deserves to be lonely or hungry.


Your gift will go to Meals on Wheels America, the national organization that helps support more than 5,000 local Meals on Wheels programs across the country.