New 'CMS Rescue' Program Helps Hospitals Avoid Medicare Violations

Government and Politics

February 14, 2014

Cincinnati, OH -- Any hospital in America can have its Medicare status interrupted, suspended or even cancelled if its quality procedures are substandard. Wise Quality America (WQA) has introduced a new service called CMS Rescue that ensures hospitals are compliant with the standards for quality and patient safety established by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Approximately five percent of hospitals every year are subject to surprise inspections by Medicare, and many others become targets for audit when patients file complaints about care received at those hospitals.
"These hospitals are in fairly serious trouble because their accreditation programs have not fully prepared them for CMS compliance," says Rebecca Wise, president and CEO of Wise Quality America. "With our expertise in accreditation and quality management, we know exactly what CMS expects and how to bring hospitals into compliance."

While calling it CMS Rescue, WQA believes the ultimate value of its program may be as a proactive tool for achieving continual quality improvement.

"We have helped a number of hospitals shore up their CMS compliance and avoid costly problems with their Medicare status," says Ms. Wise. "In the process, it becomes very clear that the underlying issues have bigger implications for long-term quality and safety. The kind of techniques we use to remedy their CMS issues are the same processes they can use to establish a truly sustainable quality program."

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