No Children's Programming from September 24 through October 9th

Schools and Libraries

September 25, 2012

From: Brookfield Library
This includes Little Adventurers and Fun & Friends.

Due to the Friends of The Brookfield Library book sale set up and actual sale, we will not be having children's programs for two weeks.  We will return on Tuesday, October 9 with our Fall 2012 Programs as well as our ongoing programs.  This will include Little Adventurers, Fun & Friends, Lunchbox Tales, Time for 2s, Terrific 3s, Fabulous 4s and 5s, and Start with Art. For full details, please see our website.

Registration for Time for 2s, Terrific 3s, Start with Art and Fabulous Fours and Fives began Monday, September 17 and runs through Friday, October 5.  You can register online on our website, by phone at 203-775-6241 or in person at the library.