Researching Genealogy? Writing an article or a book about someone buried in Moravian Cemetery?

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June 13, 2017

From: Moravian Cemetery: A Who's Who in Staten Island History

Moravian Cemetery can provide burial records to help with your research. 

Researching Genealogy?

Writing an article or book about someone buried in Moravian Cemetery?

We can provide the following records:

Interment Records  An Interment Record (also known as a Burial Record) will usually include: the deceased's name, age, date of death, cause of death, place of death, location of grave, date of interment, name of person giving order, name of undertaker, arrival time at cemetery, and clergyman. Please note, because of privacy issues, the cause of death will not be listed on records after 1960. There is a fee of $15 for an Interment Record.

Plot Card - A Plot Card shows who is interred at the site and the date of interment. It does not show the date of death. The date of death can only be found on an Interment Record.

Diagram Card - A Diagram Card shows the location of graves and who is buried in the grave. Please note, Single Graves do not have a Diagram Card.

Photographs of Gravestones  We can supply photographs of gravestones providing one is placed at the gravesite. Inscriptions on gravestones have become an important tool when researching genealogy. A gravestone is purchased by the family from a monument dealer. The cemetery does not sell gravestones nor do they carve inscriptions on stones. A gravestone is a personal choice and not everyone has one. There is a fee of $10. per photograph, per gravestone.

Obituaries - We can provide an obituary, providing one was placed in a local newspaper. There is a fee of $20 to do a search. If an obituary is found we will make a copy and send it to you. If no obituary is found, there is still a fee of $20 because time has been spent searching newspapers.  

Please note, all findings (Interment Records, Photographs of Gravestones, and Obituaries) will be sent in an attachment by e-mail.

Please inquire about fees before sending monies.

We cannot accept personal checks. Please obtain either a Bank Check or Postal Money Order.

We accept PayPal.

If you're located outside the United States, we accept Western Union.


For inquiries E-mail: cemeteryguy@earthlink.net