The 2019 Annual Fund Drive against Hunger

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April 15, 2019

Join Our 2019 Annual Fund Drive

Hunger is a serious problem in Connecticut. But have you ever stopped to consider it might be closer than you realize? The truth is that more than 417,000 of our neighbors find themselves in circumstances that leave them food insecure each year — more than 117,000 of them are children.

When emergencies and hard times strike, our neighbors count on the Connecticut Food Bank for the food, services, and resources they need to survive.

Please give now to our 2019 Annual Fund Drive to help us continue to give a lending hand to struggling children, seniors, and hard-working people who are struggling to make ends meet, despite holding down one or more jobs.

Make a Difference Donate Now

The people you help us serve come from all walks of life — and each of them deserves access to nutritious food. Your gift right now will ensure that neighbors like Larry never have to go hungry.

“I’ve had to choose between buying food and paying for utilities. I come to the Connecticut Food Bank Mobile Pantry and get good, fresh food to eat. It helps with my cost of living. They’re real good people here,” Larry says.

All of us, working together, can help fight hunger across Connecticut.

- Bernie Beaudreau

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