American Community Medical Center, Inc.

1421 South Park Street


Our Mission is to recognize the value of life, the dignity and worth of every person and is dedicated to providing quality health care services to all. We affirm, based on our moral and ethical values, that every person should have the opportunity of one of the basic human needs, health care and healing. We continue to follow our mission statement in the truest sense and have a dedicated commitment to providing direct quality healthcare services to disenfranchised populations of Madison and surrounding areas. It is apparent based on our programs and populations we serve.


Dana Cole

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
I want to thank the American Community Medical Center for their excellent service. We needed a doctor for my wife's medical exam, and Dr. Safavi turned out to be the perfect choice. She was very friendly and caring and understood exactly our concerns. She patiently explained all the requirements, easing both our fears, after which the exam went as smoothly and quickly as it could. Dr. Safavi also helped us get my wife's shots at the lowest possible cost. Highly recommended.

Lena Zhivun

Friday, Dec. 22, 2017