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Apple Creek Orchard

Apple Creek Orchard
5367 Barr Road


A UPick apple orchard featuring Jonagold, Melrose, Mutsu, Gala, and Snow Sweet apples.
Open the month of October every year.

A U-PICK orchard. No bakery, no gift shop, no deli, no cider, no petting zoo, and no train. JUST APPLES. And some pears. And some squash, maybe.

Closed on Wednesdays.
No dogs of any shape, size, or breed allowed this year.
Children must remain in the orchard with their parents at all times. No wandering about the farm.
If the parking lot is full, we will close until we have open spaces.
We provide the buckets and wagons and have some cardboard boxes for you to carry away your apples. It is always good to bring your own boxes as we may run out. This year if you bring your own container to pick into, you will have to lift the container on to the scale yourself.
We prefer to sell our apples by the bucket. It is simple and fast. Bring your own five gallon bucket and the process is even faster.

Come out and bring the family ! Enjoy picking apples in our beautiful orchard with a moutain view. Use all 5 senses to hear the sound of the Geese , Chickens, Turkeys and Guinea Hens...Touch and Taste the Apples, see the sights and smell the fresh crisp air.

Bring the camera and capture your experience.

Carts and buckets are provided to pick apples. We ask that you bring your own boxes and bags to take home your apple pickings in this year.