Broadway Tennis Center

60 Edwards Court


A Neahring

Monday, June 4, 2018
Broadway Tennis Club was purchased by Bay Club and is now open again for members and their guests. 6 clean tennis courts under a translucent roof. It's not well insulated but it's shielded from weather!

Mark Fuchs

Friday, Oct. 13, 2017
I've had generally good experiences at BTC ... until last evening. We had a court reserved until 9:30. At 9:32, the attendant, Jose Lugo, walked on to our court and said that we had to leave NOW - even though no one was waiting for the court. I asked if my boys could have a minute or two to finish their game (score was 30-love). He said, "No. You need to get off the court NOW or I'll charge you another half hour. We have a business to run." Obviously, they weren't in the least just a little courteous and accommodating. Very frustrating. ... I hope they didn't pay this guy until the 10:00 closing time because he left the facility just after we did... must have had a hot date...

Dee M

Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017
I had a great experience here. They let us in 15mins early for free because it was a slow night. The guy at the front desk was polite and the courts themselves were in GREAT shape. In fact, the reservation we had was on credit due to an earlier cancelation. The only odd thing was the place smelled very strong of fresh coat paint. But that's all for the upkeep 😊

Amanda Boston

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Went for a kids birthday party, the place was amazing! Great facility.

j jj

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017
I'm an avid tennis player who competed both at the junior and collegiate levels. I've played at the expensive country clubs and free public court so I've been exposed to what tennis has to offer at a price. The broadway tennis center attempts to skew this in making access to indoor courts both unreasonable and absurdly expensive to the average player. Why do I say this? They charge $60 an hour with no refunds once you reserve the court. They have a clock monitor who politely asks you to leave the court the minute you are over your time--even when there is no one else waiting and there are open courts. There are no towels or other amenities that would normally be associated with the high hourly costs. Is this what tennis has become? Even the new multi million dollar USTA center in Florida is accessible to the public at a rate half of the Broadway tennis center. I don't mind paying for great courts and the convenience and accessibility that should come at a price. However, this is unreasonable.. Compare this is to Seattle which has both the weather and demand for players to pay top dollar for indoor courts. The best indoor court clubs do have a hefty initiation fee but you have unlimited access and can bring guests. These clubs also include the amenities that would you find at a tennis club (for example, SF tennis center in San Franciso)