Bug Box

10822A Courthouse Road

About Us:

We are a live insect zoo located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. There�s plenty of family fun and activities at Bug Box.

Our zoo features exotic insects, arachnids and crustaceans from around the world. Yikes, we also have a pet snake, "Fred", two family member turtles named Big Boy and Toby, frogs and toads, Sammy salamander and so much more! And visitors can view hundreds of specimens and study educational displays.

The general public is welcome to come in Monday through Friday 10-5pm for a self-guided visit. We welcome children of all ages, everyone's grandma and papa, and bug lovers from near and far. Admission is $3.00 per person (No age restrictions).

We conduct educational programs and events for small groups, schools, scouts, etc... Let us help you learn about the amazing world of insects! You can visit our Buggy Gift Shop which is stuffed with very cool buggy shirts, books, jewelry, toys and more.